ARCHiTYPE Idea Project was founded by the author's tandem of architects Morar-Korotky Diana and Korotky Denis, who began their professional design activities in 2006.

"We have a modern view of design, a unique author's style and design philosophy - "Architecture is not so much a profession as an attitude to life."

We position ourselves as a search group with unlimited expansion of formal and figurative search.

Modern design has this potential, which allows you to develop and move forward, that is, unlimited expansion.

We have chosen to follow this direction in our activities.

The multidisciplinary direction of ARCHiTYPE covers architectural design, interior design, conceptual design - furniture, object design, graphic design.

Our Studio

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  • Our values ​​and aspirations

    For every project task we look for an approach that allows us to achieve new results. Architectural goal: creative search for the most expressive ways to solve a design problem.

    Our intention has always been to change the volumetric-spatial characteristics of the architectural environment, to create a qualitatively new perception of space, and at the same time to develop projects that are not only interesting, but also intelligent, with attention to the choice of construction technologies and materials. We know how to create projects that provide people with new experiences.

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  • Style Features

    We have developed a single algorithm in which we combine several style trends such as: modern international contemporary style, adaptive parametric architecture, functionalism, organic architecture.

    Mixing is everything. This is how a contrast, an image, the character of the project arises. This is how we create projects that provide people with new sensations. We love to combine laconic volumes and enliven them with smooth lines and curves. In our projects there is a place for flexible planning solutions, transformable facade systems, techniques for creating harmonious relationships between people and the environment, transformations that support the relationship of interiors with the environment and landscape.

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  • Operating principle

    The flexible structure of the studio is aimed at creating project teams to work on each object, which allows you to distribute the most professional resources in their areas to create a high-quality product (design solution).

    Modern architecture is a highly complex technological process in which specialists from various fields must participate. A clear organization of the design process, a comprehensive and integrated approach allows us to achieve maximum results and optimal deadlines.

    • We study the technical specifications for the design;
    • We go to the site;
    • We determine the features of the object that will become the basis for the development of the project;
    • We determine a group of specialists, forms of information transfer and communication between project participants, set schedules and response times.
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  • Development tools

    International competitions are a powerful incentive for active self-development. Not only victory, but also participation in an international competition is very significant and is a marker of self-assessment of professional potential.

    The competition provides an opportunity to come to the attention of leading experts in the field of architecture and design and present your work to their objective judging, thereby creating projects worthy of recognition by the international professional community. Allows you to increase or strengthen your own authority in a professional environment. We adhere to progressive trends in architecture. Such interest in “new images” has a fruitful effect on the development of experimental architectural thought.

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Work in Progress

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